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tæt på Mosteiro, Leiria (Portugal)

This one of two circular walks promoted by Pedrogao Grande council that start at Mosteiro, one following the Ribeira de Pera downstream (PR5), the shorter one going upstream (PR6). The two walks could be combined into one if you were so inclined.
In 2017 this area, along with many others, suffered in the forest fire that started in Pedrogao Grande, the landscape still bears the scars of this.
Mosteiro is best known for its superb river beach (Pria Fluvial) created in 2005 on the Ribeira de Pera which flows through the village, it really is a nice spot and includes a small area fenced off from the main area for dogs. On site is an old olive mill which now serves as a cafe, and an old grain mill which I believe can still be used to this day, both mills being powered by the the Ribeira de Pera. The village and its surroundings have numerous levadas (irrigation channels) supplying the cultivated land.
The walk itself is along either quiet roads or wide well surfaced paths with no steep gradients, it is ideal for young families. The trail markings appear to have been recently renewed as part of the post fire regeneration, as such they are numerous and clear.
Whilst I started this walk at its northenmost extremity I would advise the advertised start point at the river beach is more suitable.
Bird life abounds, their song filling the air as you walk. At the southern extremity I was fortunate to see fleeting glimpses of a family of three Egyptian Mongoose making their way through the undergrowth.
There a many ruins along the route which is a stark reminder of how times are changing with fewer people living remotely surviving off what they cultivated themselves.

Picnic area

This area seemed very popular with Black Redstarts.
Birding spot


Watch the Common Buzzards soaring above.
Birding spot


Prior to reaching this point I had seen two Herons taking off from the fields alongside the river, fortunately for me this one landed again giving me the opportunity to grab some pictures.
Birding spot


A Robin flitting about the undergrowth.

Irrigation channels

Irrigation channels feeding water to the fields by way of sluice gates.

Mini waterfall

Only a small waterfall but quite noisy.

Roadside parking.

A couple of spaces at the roadside by the Ponte Romana, more plentiful parking is available at the river beach.

Mosteiro river beach

This is a very nice river beach with shade available under the trees should you visit in the summer.

Overhead irrigation channel

It would appear a lot of work went into creating this overhead irrigation channel.


One of the many ruins to be seen along this trail.

Well with circular raising mechanism

A circular pump mechanism for pumping water from a well when there is no electricity available.

Well with lever raising mechanism

An even more primative way of raising water from a well without electricity, note the rocks acting as a counter-balance.
Wildlife sighting

Wildlife sighting

Spotted a family of 3 Egyptian Mongoose making their way through the undergrowth, unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a picture.


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