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tæt på Barnard Castle, England (United Kingdom)

4 mile river walk loop really enjoyable walk through town past the castle and down to river following the river towards the Abbey. some fields on this walk may have cattle such as cows and sheep so if walking with a dog a lead is essential.

The last half of the walk takes you high above the river with magnificent views over Egglestone Abbey, The River, Bowes Museum & Town. On a nice evening at sunest these landmarks are highlighted in a golden glow and look amazing.

Highlights & View Points
* St Marys Church & Graveyard
* Buttermart
* Horse Market & Town
* Castle & Park
* Lariner Fish Pass
* Silver Bridge
* Barnard Castle Bridge
* Metal Bridge / Green Bridge
* Old Mill House
* Egglestone Abbey
* Barnard Castle School
* Bowes Museum


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