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tæt på Tortel, Aisén (Chile)

Caleta Tortel is the entry point to the pristine nature of the Northern and Southern Patagonia Ice Fields. Huge icebergs and glaciers are only part of the experience of touring through this dynamic frozen world.

Steffen Glacier

The Northern Patagonia Ice Fields and the Steffen Glacier This huge mass of continental ice is located within the Laguna San Rafael National Park, home to several glaciers, including Steffen, Exploradores, Nef, Leones, Solar, San Rafael, and also the highest peak in the southern Andes, Monte San Valentin (4,058 m). From Caleta Tortel, you can visit the southernmost sector of this expanse of ice: Steffen Valley and Glacier, named for the German explorer and geographer, Hans Steffen, who was one of the first to explore the Region, around 1900.


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