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tæt på Tortel, Aisén (Chile)

Caleta Tortel is the entry point to the pristine nature of the Northern and Southern Patagonia Ice Fields. Huge icebergs and glaciers are only part of the experience of touring through this dynamic frozen world.

Jorge Montt Glacier

The Jorge Montt Glacier is one of the fastest-receding glaciers in the world, documented to lose approximately one kilometer of mass each year. The retreat of the ice produces an overwhelming number of icebergs floating in the waters, and is revealing new fjord mass with depths in excess of 390 m. To visit, you’ll travel 3 to 4 hours by boat from Caleta Tortel, accompanied by a variety of marine bird life and sea mammals, like dolphins and sea lions. As you approach the bay, you will be accompanied by an ever greater number of crystal blue icebergs until you feel as if you are navigating through a surreal icy maze. The glacier tongue snakes down from the Ice Fields at the far end of the bay. After time in the bay and a short walk onto the ice (if it’s safe), you’ll start the return navigation to Tortel, with a few hours more to disconnect and immerse yourself in the surreal landscapes.


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