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tæt på Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

GPS to the Kinsol Tresel. Park at the obvious parking lot just before the GPS tells you your there. Hike to the Tresel and then follow path under the tresel and find signs for a trail about a k long. It will tell you to have proper foot wear. Follow that trail along the river till it ends on a logging road. Head down that till you get to an opening where you can see the river again and a dirt path down to it (it looks like a turn around spot for vehicles and you'll find the river with a little set of Rapids by a rock. Beautiful spot to sit and rest. Now you can turn back here or you can cross the river and it will loop you back to the parking lot after you cut up the driveway of the camp ground. Super fun! But you have to be up for adventure!

Silvermine Trail

Silvermine Trail


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