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tæt på Babnergarh, Jammu and Kashmīr (India)

The Mahorgarh section, of the Frontal Thrust ORT is near Jammu, in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, India. The trail is located in the 'Kandi' region, as called localy. Kandi region is sort of dry, semi arrid, dusty terrain with dry river beds, featuring sandstone cut out trails and paths. The river beds are the natural highways to the hill top micro settlements, mostly hindu rajputs. The main occupation is connected with agriculture and cattle herding.
The trail is a moderate one, with its share of most of the features, Kandi has to offer, till you reach Mahorgarh, a 17th century fortification, about 2 kms in length, still retaining the main door 'Darwaza' and the fortification wall, with one or two bastions and an old 'Havelis' (royal house). Mahorgarh along with Dergarh and Bupnergarh, was a 17th century safe refuge, after being used for 4-6 years, it was abandoned. The local Rajput population, is now settled there. The route from Jammu follows, Jammu-Mansar morh-Shahbalore-Chilla danga. At Chilla danga, one starts the trail. Its a must to carry drinking water, uv block and tool kit , just in case. Capturing pictures and video of the trip, will be a good idea.


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