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20. marts 2016


marts 2016
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2.162 m
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9,86 km

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tæt på Schwefelbergbad, Canton de Berne (Switzerland)

Gantrisch nature park is located between the cities of Bern, Fribourg and Thun. I found it a really nice valley with spectacular sights. Several tours can be done in that region as well as it is popular for country ski.

Starting point: Restaurant Untere Gantrischhütte. You can reach the place by car (free parking) or by post auto.

We start walking from the Gantrischhütte to the middle of the valley directly to the Morgetepass. Once we are in the mountain pass we have the Gantrisch summit on the right and the Bürgle one on the right. We went to the right and in 30 min we were on the top of the mountain.

The way down until the Morgetepass is the same as the way up. However, once there we put again the ski skins and do towards the Schibespitzs and Gantrisch (much further). We find better to go down from the Schibespitzs summit. The downhill was amazing with very good snow conditions. Nevertheless, the warm temperatures those days will melt the snow quite fast.

We got again on the starting point still with some energy, we decided to go up the Birehubel. That is an easier hill but we enjoyed a lot the downhill!

Finally we end the joutney with a rivella drink at the Gantrischhütte.

It is a easy trip but with a really nice views. Totally recommended.


Gantrischhütte (1512m)

  • Foto af Gantrischhütte (1512m)
  • Foto af Gantrischhütte (1512m)
20-MAR-16 9:06:57AM

Birehubel (1850m)

20-MAR-16 1:24:51PM

Birehubel (1850m)

20-MAR-16 1:24:51PM

Bürgle (2165m)

  • Foto af Bürgle (2165m)
20-MAR-16 10:54:18AM

Gantrischseeli (1578m)

20-MAR-16 12:26:40PM

Morgetepass (1959m)

  • Foto af Morgetepass (1959m)
  • Foto af Morgetepass (1959m)
20-MAR-16 10:20:11AM

Schibespitz (2060m)

  • Foto af Schibespitz (2060m)
20-MAR-16 12:03:54PM

3 kommentarer

  • Foto af carles.oro

    carles.oro 21. mar. 2016

    Quina ruta més guapa i amb molt bones vistes!!

  • Foto af jaume.segria

    jaume.segria 19. feb. 2018

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  verificeres  Vis mere

    Thanks Marta (gràcies)!
    Nice trail and great views!

  • basque 21 10. feb. 2022

    Hi Marta, it looks a great route, thanks. You say that it's easy, we go with a quite begginer girl, do you think that it's fine or is it easy for expert skiers?

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