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tæt på De Wallen, Noord-Holland (Nederland)

The route is near the canal not through the crowded city.
There is a faster route (ROUTE 1) but I wanted to see the building’s design and not go in the traffic and crowd.
The gps didn't work well in the beginning and that's why I added A to B direction (through the bridge). There are a some nice buildings.
The route is near a main road and passes near a small canal. You can move fast and you should 4-5 time cross the road via crosswalk.
In the park you will see many wild animals - big and small birds, rabbits and etc. there are a lot of active people.
Nice buildings, nature, cafes, bars on one place.
Just go near the canal to see the old boats, near the lake for the animals and the nature, slalom through the buildings and have a brake on the lawn or have a training.
It is good to go “Community garden” or “Nemo” too see the small houses and the gardens if it is open for free visits.


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