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tæt på Williams Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

Track starts at a small parking lot, just off the south side of MacKenzie Ave. N, near the foot of Comer Street. It begins with a short descent down a switchback dirt road to the valley bottom. Then follow the "River Valley Trail" to the west, all the way to the east bank of the Fraser River (11-km one-way). The trail crosses back and forth over the "Williams Lake River", which has eroded a small, steep-sided valley through thick formations of sand and gravel deposited at the end of the last ice age. The steep walls of exposed stratigraphy in the valley sides should be of interest to geologists.

If first down on the day, its possible you will disturb resting herds of deer or elk, which may bound off through the river or forest. Bear and cougar may also be in the area.

There is a large connecting network of more advanced mountain bike (MB) trails, some extreme. However, the saved track is wide, easy, mostly light gravel or packed dirt, with a few very-short coarser gravel sections, and only one short caution segment below the starting parking lot (see picture). There are no steep uphill sections provided you come back on the same route. Best with a mountain bike, however any geared bike with sturdy tires should make it.

The saved track finishes with a short vehicle loop around the town of Williams Lake, including the "Barking Spider Mountain Bike" shop where a good quality MB was available for day rental. The ending waypoint is at a small, authentic Italian Bistro.


At the starting parking lot. Lots of serious-looking MB riders starting from here. This saved track is easy and gentle, so there must be more challenging options in the immediate area.

Forest Pond

The trail follows the Williams Lake River, which occasionally broadens into meadows and quiet ponds.

Bridge #1

The track frequently crosss the Williams Lake River on wooden bridges.

Bridge #2

No motorised vehicles.


Wetland area along the Williams Lake River.

Bridge #3

River erodes soft valley walls leaving steep sided cliffs

Approach Bridge #4


Bridge #5


Fraser River

Arrive at the eastern bank of the fast-flowing & muddy Fraser River.

Way up

narrow connecting trail between upper road to parking lot and valley bottom.

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  • Foto af mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 23-05-2016

    Arrive at the banks of the Fraser River https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/williams-lake-bc-the-river-valley-trail-to-the-fraser-river-13414057#wp-13414066/photo-8283875

  • Foto af mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 23-05-2016

    Confluence of the clear Williams Lake River and the muddier Fraser River https://www.wikiloc.com/outdoor-trails/williams-lake-bc-the-river-valley-trail-to-the-fraser-river-13414057#wp-13414066/photo-8283880

  • Foto af mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 23-05-2016

    This connector is the trickiest part of the trail, its loose gravel and slopes sideways towards the logs. It requires care descending, and its short enough to walk up. There are other options to connect to the valley bottom.

  • Foto af Michael Liu

    Michael Liu 24-05-2016

    glad you two have the opportunity riding together. hope someday I will be there. I wonder how you protect yourself from the animals like bear and cougar? anywhere I walk around Shenyang are safe.

  • Foto af mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 13-08-2016

    Just saw your comment, its not often we see dangerous animals, and there are precautions to take and rules to avoid trouble with them.

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