Henrik Bak


42,03 km

Positiv højdeforskel

723 m



Negativ højdeforskel

723 m

Max Højde

415 m


26 3

Min Højde

11 m


  • Foto af La Santa - Teguise
  • Foto af La Santa - Teguise
  • Foto af La Santa - Teguise


4 timer 9 minutter




31. oktober 2017


oktober 2017
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1 kommentarer
415 m
11 m
42,03 km

Vist 429 gange, downloadet 18 gange

tæt på La Santa, Canarias (España)

This is a great Mountain Bike route with good climbs and an awesome descent where you are riding at the very edge of the slope. I have rated it "difficult" however I managed to "survive" :-) so I guess most people with mountain bike experience will find this fantastic. A little salt in the cup is when you have to pass the "pampas" with the deep sand. That is quite demanding. It is mostly in the beginning.
Also allow yourself to go op to the castle "Castillo Santa Barbarra" located on the edge of a perfect volcano crater very near to Teguise.

1 kommentarer

  • ChasW 26. apr. 2018

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    Thanks for the route. Really enjoyed it. It is a bit tricky to find the path that takes you up the ridge at Falmara but once you’re on it it’s a lovely, quite technical climb. There are drops to one side so I agree with the ‘difficult’ rating just as a warning to people who may not be used to this.

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