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tæt på Krajevi, Central Serbia (Serbia)

We started the path just off the main road (23), and a 4.5km ride will take you to the village Dobroselica.

An incline on the 1st intersection (right turn) takes you to another intersection, where you can also replenish your water.

Here, the left-most path takes you to Prerast, a natural bridge/cave also containing a creek that runs through it. It is a beautiful site. Beware: the descent to the cave is VERY steep!

From Prerast, the only road takes you to the wooden church built in 1821. The church is really nice, and has its own yard with a fountain where you can again replenish your water supply.

From the church, a long incline will take you back to the 1st intersection of the trail.

Overall, the inclines are steep and require excellent physical condition to conquer, for this I marked it as 'very dufficult'. The trail is all asphalt, and can also be taken in reverse and/or be modified by taking any if the branching paths along the way.

Note: if taken in reverse, the path would subjectively be easier, because the only really difficult ascent would be from Prerast to the 3rd intersection.
Take the right-hand road to get off the main traffic road and towards the village Dobroselica.
Go west (up on the photo)
Go west (right-hand path on the photo)
Go south (left-most path on the photo)
Natural bridge/cave, a creek runs inside the cave.
Log cabin church in Dobroselica village, built in 1821.
Go east (right on the picture), up-left path is shorter but steeper.
Go north (left on the photo); this will take you back to the first intersection.


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