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tæt på Puerto Chacabuco, Aisén (Chile)

The Cordillera route, operated by Naviera Austral, navigates the unknown channels of Aysén. It’s a beautiful territory that is much like a giant jigsaw puzzle made up of thousands of isolated islands, infinite natural wonders, and the stories of brave families who have populated their hidden coves.


The route starts in Quellon, at the southern end of the Isla Grande of Chiloe.


Melinka, the capital of the Guaitecas Islands, is the first stop along the route. In this picturesque village there are various hikes with great spots for the observation of flora and fauna, and you can learn about local culture walking around town, where you will likely meet artisans, fishermen and boat builders.

Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda

The next stretch goes from Melinka to Puerto Raúl Marín Balmaceda, navigating the Moraleda Channel. Raul Marin Balmaceda is a small village with sandy streets surrounded by a lush rainforest and lots of water all around (Raúl Marín is actually an island, although only separated from the coast by a stretch of several meters). On one side, you’ll encounter the freshwaters flowing from the mouth of the Palena River and on the others, the salt waters of the fjords and channels. Here, we can recommend hiking the Chuacao Trail, taking a boat or kayak excursion, or simply strolling along the endless sandy beaches. The landscapes are amazing!

Santo Domingo



The navigation continues toward Santo Domingo and Melimoyu, through the Refugio Channel. Melimoyu is a tiny town located at the base of the Melimoyu Volcano. The town began as part of the last Government driven colonization project of the twentieth century, under the military dictatorship. Inhabitants of this colony were provided with incentives and free land, but afterwards, were left on their own for many years in this isolated wilderness setting, to struggle for themselves. Although few of these settlers remain today, the Institute of Melimoyu Ecosystem Research (MERI), which owns and manages the private Melimoyu Natural Reserve, can be found here. Its’ main mission is conserving Patagonian indigenous habitat, through ecotourism and scientific research.

Puerto Gala

The next stop is Puerto Gala which, along with Puerto Gaviota, was created during the 1980s as a temporary workers’ settlement, during the dramatic rise in popularity of hake, known locally as Austral Merluza. In fact, the first houses were little more than wooden log frames covered with nylon. Gradually they evolved into more permanent dwellings and finally, official villages. The island is close to several important Chono indigenous archeological sites and is quickly becoming an area of interest for scientists seeking to learn more about this mysterious group of nomadic canoe peoples.

Puerto Cisnes

The tour continues to Puerto Cisnes, passing through the Jacaf Channel into the calmer waters of the Puyuhuapi Channel. Good local food and drink, an unforgettable annual folkloric festival, and kayaking, are some of the highlights of what you can do in this charming city. In addition Puerto Cisnes is a good point if disembark if you want to begin an overland adventure.

Puerto Gaviota

The next stretch travels from Puerto Cisnes to Puerto Gaviota through the beautiful Puyuhuapi Channel. Puerto Gaviota is located within the Isla Magdalena National Park and from the village there are a few short hikes, and opportunities to take excursions to view marine fauna or to accompany local fishermen as they go about their daily work.

Puerto Aguirre

The stretch from Puerto Gaviota to Puerto Aguirre travels the Moraleda channel, stopping at the Huichas islands in which there are three locations: Puerto Aguirre, Caleta Andrade and Estero Cup. Here, you can learn about the life and culture of artisan fisherman and do plenty of walking around town, and on great interpretive trails.

Puerto Chacabuco

The route finishes with the navigation from Puerto Aguirre to Puerto Chacabuco, which is within the Aysén Fjord and is the main port of the Region.


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