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tæt på Isla Demarchi, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Ferry across Rio Plata and then free walking tour Montevideo
Dep 12:15 (only started recording 12:30)
1917 coffee shop famous tango song la composita mario palandi architect designed this one to be twin to the one in BA for 7 years tallest building of SA 1925-1932
Independence hero of Uruguay guards change every hour official name: oriental republic of uruguay 3 mio people 10 mio cows
Only white part is original was not at this place a few meters to the side street is called like hollywood stars most are famous urugayans first one is father of one of the survivors of famous plane crash in the andes next one is the famous futbol player who one uruguay the world cup in 1950 (uruguay also one first one in 1930)
most famous artist of uruguay two stars non uruguayan Nelson Mandela and The Rolling Stones who came to U for the first time in 2015
opened in 1856 with opera by Verdi Erni sol - sun - the one in the flag of Uruguay also in Argentinian Flag, theirs was first sun of May - arg revolution in Argentina 1500 people red box on top indicated that there is a play tonight street with gate is called Sarandi - after a bush growing near Rio Negro
first square in Montevideo church is cathedral matris prison under the first gov building in montevideo 1871 first drinking water in montevideo this year the fountain was built people came here to get water but also to promenade and make contact with the opposite sex (women dropped their handkerchief in front of men they liked)
no original one see picture 88% of Uruguayans are of european decent, most mix of spanish and italian 3 groups of native peoples Guaranyi driven away Gauchos - mix of native and colonists Chiaruas ? killed most killed by colonists lowest rate of catholics 50:40 to agnostics
oldest coffee house in Montevideo Eduardo Galleano - important writer Open veines of Latin America needed to go to exile, first Argentina then Europe then returned have a coffee in the name of Eduardo
other one is 1877 closes at 6pm also famous writer here
Museum for Decorative Art free architect same as petite palace in france go in!
man on the horse - founder of Montevideo history: 1873 president brought many things from europe nationalised banks, health service brought may social rights, workers rights, public health Uruguay - Switzerland of SA 100 years ago: state separated from church in U everything public is for free if you want something private (religion) you should pay 2012: gay marriage, legal abortion, 2015: cannabis is legal (only for Uruguayans!), you can grow 6 plants for yourself, or by at pharmacies (you have to register) 10g per week, 10USD for 5g Flipflop president Mojika already wanted to legalise other drugs legal, but nit allowed to buy or sell! typical dishes: meat asado - bbq meat on a grill, but only by smoke of ashes chivito - sandwich with meat grammacho - french fries with cheese, ham ... dulce de leche - conaprolle is best brand
dolce de leche - brought from south of spain, put wi Alfachor - cookie with dulce de leche, covered in dark chocolate nativo !!!, aqua helada - best brands tanat wine Mate yerba - originates from paraguay AR put sugar, Uruguay NO sugar, strictly forbidden!!! medio y medio (sparkling wine and sweet, 12%) grappa miel - like grappa, 25% plus honey make recommendation on tripadvisor Curioso Tour! Florencia is our guide Florencia gives us grappa de miel
steel from Liverpool used to be food market now restaurants for meat why Montevideo name? Portugese came and said monte video - i see a hill monte - hill v to ? roman number


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