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tæt på Shimmiyakoda, Shizuoka (Japan)

Miyakoda Sogo (Athletic) Park is one of the most popular athletic parks in the suburbs of Hamamatsu. MIyakoda area is one of the experimental new towns there where you may not have to commute long distances to the places of work. Large scale shopping mall is nearby the park joined by the beautiful bridge. The park is not only home to wide variety of wild birds but for serious runners.

This 1.6 kilometer jogging/walking course is a bit challenging because you have to face the steep down and upward slopes. It may not that hard for a few laps but if you run this course for 5 to 10 laps it may be damaging for your legs. And what is confusing is the distance marks in between. 400m, 760m, 880m and 1200m distance marks are placed or measured incorrectly. Thanks to GPS these distance errors may be properly corrected though this wikiloc trail.

Jogging Course Map

It is located about 10 meters from the start.


400-meter-long slope. Elevation difference is about 20 meters.

Direction Sign

Direction sign for the multi-purpose ground. If you feel the last upward slope is too tough, redirect the jogging course to goal there.

400-meter Point Sign

450 meters from the start according to wikiloc.

760-meter point sign/suspension bridge

810 meters from the start according to wikiloc.

880-meter sign

950 meters from the start according to wikiloc.

1200-meter sign

1150 meters from the start according to wikiloc.

Last Upward Slope

It is the hardest part of this course.

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  • Foto af mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 22-11-2019

    It is like going for a short run in everyday Japan. Very nice broad walking-running paths.

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