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tæt på Mont, Wallonia (Belgique)

This track follows the orange loipe from the shop and ski rental Claessen Sports (http://www.claessensports.be/piste-de-ski; https://www.eastbelgium.com/nl/fiche/wintersports/mont-spinette). This loipe from Mont Spinette is a bit more than 11 km, through forest and fen. The loipe is nicely maintained, and much quieter than the Botrange and Baraque Michel tracks in the same area. There are no provisions on the 11 km loipe. There is not much parking at the start, so you may have to park alongside the road a few 100 m from the start. The first half of the tour you ascend to 640 m from about 540 m (starting height on the GPS was a bit off), and the second half is descent. There are 4 asphalt crossings on this trail. The track is easy, albeit with relatively much ascent.
You first ski through pasture to the Route de l'Ancienne Douane (asphalt crossing) and then through mixed forest to the N68 which you also have to cross. From here, you ascend through mostly fir forest (Fagne Tîrifaye) and some stretches of fen to the Fagne Neûr Lowé. Here you join a track connecting the Botrange and Baraque Michel tracks. Here, it immediately becomes busier with skiers. You cross the fen and then the N68 and then follow a stretch on which the Black Deer trail and the orange Spinette trail coincide. After a short stretch of forest you ski across the Setai Fen until you get to the bifurcation point where the Spinette trail goes left and crosses the Setai fen until you cross a bridge on the edge of the forest. There is a tricky descend just before the narrow bridge: take care you do not ski into the water… From here you cross different types of forest along the N68 back to the point where you crossed the N68 on the ascent. Here you follow the same route back to the starting point.

Ascent through forest

From here you ascend slowly through the fir forest on straight trails. Part of this track is joint with the black loipe from Xhoffraix.

Bifurcation black/orange loipe

Here the black deer trail from the Baraque Michel area turns right and the Mont Spinette loipe turns left through the Setai fen.


This narrow bridge across the Ruisseau Tro Maret is just after a steep descend, so beware of skiing into the water...

Joined loipe with Black Deer loipe

Here the Mont Spinette loipe joins the Black Deer loipe from the Baraque Michel area.


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