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tæt på Hockai, Wallonia (Belgique)

This track follows the blue loipe from the ski center at Hockai (http://www.ardennes-neige.be/station/pistes-de-ski-des-hautes-fagnes-et-des-linaigrettes). The start of the loipes is about 400 meters from the ski rental. There are also loipes of 3 (green), 10 (red) and 20 (black) kilometers. Close to the rental is also a field with shorter tracks (Linaigrettes). There is a restaurant close to the ski rental at the crossroads (Rue Abbé Dossogne and Route de Cockaifagne), and a bar across the street.
The track starts on a paved road, then follows an unpaved road back to the main road to Xhoffraix. You cross this road and then follow another paved road to a track. You go through some pasture, and get to the bifurcation with the green route. You follow a road, and then turn left on a forest road into the woods. The road crosses the river Hoëgne, and you then turn back. You keep left at the bifurcation with the red and black loipe and continue through the woods, and go down towards another Hoëgne crossing. You then go uphill towards the Xhoffraix road crossing and ski back to the start.

Blue-Red/Black bifurcation

Keep left for the blue track which goes down through the woods to the second Hoëgne crossing, below Hockai.

Forest road

Forest road taking you into the woods

Green-Blue/Red/Black bifurcation

You go left for the green route, and right along the road for the other tracks. The photo is taken before the bifurcation

Hoëgne bridge

Bridge across the river. After the bridge you have to climb back to the Xhoffraix road.

Hoëgne crossing

The forest road takes you across the Hoëgne

Ski rental

The ski rental is about 400 m from the start of the loipes


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