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tæt på Butgenbach, Wallonia (Belgique)

This track follows the 8 km loipe (actually 7 km) from the ski center at Worriken in Bütgenbach (https://www.ostbelgien.eu/de/fiche/wintersports/skizentrum-worriken-b-tgenbach). The start of the loipe is from a parking lot at the Worriken center. There are also 2, 4 and 6 km loipes. There is a restaurant in the center.
The track starts from the parking and goes directly down to the cycle path on the Vennquerbahn, a former railroad. You then follow this cycling path across a viaduct over the Herresbach with views of the Bütgenbach reservoir, and then through woods with occasional glimpses of the reservoir. After about 2.1 km you turn off the cycle path down the Alte Aachener Strasse and then soon turn off on an unpaved country road in the valley of the Schwarzenbach. At the end of the country road you make a loop on pasture and ski up into an area with forest and moor (Tollersheide). In the forest there is a downhill stretch before you enter pasture on which the track makes another large loop up, down and up again. The following stretch is on forest tracks which bring you down to a road, which you cross. You go below a viaduct of the Vennquerbahn, go up to the cycle path, and ski back to the starting point.

Along the road

You ski along the road for a short while

Along the Schwarzenbach

You take a country road along the Schwarzenbach valley

Alte Aachener Strasse

Here you go down a road from the Vennquerbahn


Here you enter the forest en ski through it to the Wirzfeld-Bütgenbach road

Herresbach viaduct

Viaduct of the former railway across the Herresbach valley. The Herresbach flows into the Bütgenbach reservoir


You make a big loop on this pasture with great views across the Schwarzenbach valley

Pasture along the Schwarzenbach

Here you ski a loop on pasture along the Schwarzenbach


Forest road in the Tollersheide area


Former railway, now cycle path, doubling as cross-country track when there is snow


Here you ski below the viaduct and go up to the cycle path on the other side


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