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tæt på Mont Rigi, Wallonia (Belgique)

Sign-posted tracks starting from Baraque Michel. You first follow the green rabbit track (5 km rather than the 4 km indicated on the signs) and then the black deer track (7 km) You can park and rent ski's at Baraque Michel. The loipe is not prepared. At a point you join a loipe from Mont Spinette which was prepared (see waypoint). Green trail suited for kids with little ascent and descend. The black trail has two slightly more difficult ascents/descents. The track first goes to the Fagne de Polleur and then follows the Polleur valley to a bridge. Here the black trail starts taking you up a forest road and then along Fagne de Setai to Fagne de Lonlou. Just before getting back to the Polleur bridge there is a short steep descent, a bit more difficult. Back on the green trail you first go up to the edge of the Grande Fagne and then follow the edge of the woods back to Baraque Michel. There are possibilities to connect to other signposted tracks towards Botrange, Mont Rigi and Mont Spinette. See website http://www.ski-botrange.be, http://www.ski-baraquemichel.be/ and http://www.claessensports.be/piste-de-ski. Especially the green trail can be quite busy with hikers, so do not expect a smooth loipe.

Black Piste

Here you enter the black 'deer' piste of 7 km.

Joined loipe with Mont Spinette loipe

Here the black piste joins the 11 km loipe from Mont Spinette. This part of the loipe was well-prepared.

Yellow connection green piste to black piste

Here you leave (and later come back on) the green piste and follow the yellow signs to the black piste. This is only a short distance. You cross the Polleur stream en-route.


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