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tæt på Aschau, Tyrol (Austria)

Letter description
Rarely used freeride descent from Pengelstein in the Saukasergraben.
Starting point

Best season
Beautiful freeride descent from Pengelstein in the Saukasergraben with a few short demanding passages and wide slopes.
From Pengelstein in the direction of the 3S-Bahn, past this and a few meters, at your discretion, south along the ridge. Departure to the southeast in the direction of Hochsaukaserlift, but instead of the usual crossing to the lift, continue into the ditch. At the end of this first long slope, keep to the right for the easier exit, on the left a bit steeper and more bushes. Go down to the forest road (altitude about 1550m). Short ascent on the path in a southerly direction until the wide open slopes are reached. It follows a beautiful descent on this up to a striking high. There short, narrow steep section to the forest road, on this goes to the Saukasergrabenweg and further out of the valley to the barrier. There two possibilities: 1) Continue to the bus stop (over the bridge and then parallel to the Saukaserbach to Bundenstrasse, stop right there). 2) Ski shoulders and about 10-15 minutes to Jochberg and with the Wagstättlift back to the ski area. Alternatively, lazy bags can also be taken by taxi to Jochberg or Kitzbühel.
Highest point
1,921 m
Felts / Jochberg


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