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tæt på Houffalize, Wallonia (Belgique)

This cycling tour for the racing bike takes you from Houffalize to Wiltz in Luxembourg and back. Half of this trip is on cycling paths on former railway lines (Ravel L613, L163, L164 in Belgium and PC20/RV6 in Luxembourg). The other half is in hilly countryside, and includes two more pronounced climbs. This trip is largely through quiet and beautiful countryside.
The starting point is at a parking lot next to a supermarket. You cycle through the village, and before you have the chance to get warm you get to climb the steep Rue Saint-Roche (see waypoint). On the top you descend back to Houffalize, but shortly before arriving there you turn right to access the Ravel L613. This cycling path takes you slowly up through the Ruisseau de Cowan and the Ruisseau de Hardigny valleys. At the top the L613 joins the L163 cycling path. You are here on the water divide between the Rhine and Meuse drainage basins. You follow the cycling path to Bastogne, and then turn onto the L164/RV6 cycling path which slowly descends to Wiltz in Luxembourg. On the Luxembourg side of the border you pass through 3 railway tunnels. In Wiltz you climb into the village for a look across the valley at a national monument. From here you descend back to the river and then start your climb to Derenbach in three stages. First to Noertrange, then a short descent, then a climb to the N12, and shortly before Derenbach another short descent before you climb into this village at 520 m. From here, you cycle through open countryside on the Belgian border on country roads to Troine. From here you cross back into Belgium and shortly after reach the L163 cycling path which you follow to Gouvy. Shortly before Gouvy, the cycling path ends. You pass through the valley of the Ourthe Orientale and then cycle back to Houffalize on quiet roads, once dipping back to the Ourthe valley floor at Moulin de Bistain. The descent into Houffalize on the Rue du Bois des Moines gives you a good view of the village.
You can find something to eat and drink in Houffalize and Noertrange, and in Wiltz and Bastogne a bit away from the track.


Town known from the cycling classic and the Battle of the Bulge monuments. You change cycling tracks here.

Border Luxembourg-Luxembourg

Border between the country and the Belgian province.

Climb Saint-Roch

Steep climb in Houffalize. The only climb mentioned on the website www.climbfinder.nl in this region. See https://climbfinder.com/nl/beklimmingen/saint-roch

Climb to Derenbach

Here the climb to Derenbach starts in three stages. First to Noertrange, then a short descent, then a climb to the N12, and shortly before Derenbach another short descent before you climb into this village at 520 m.

Countryside close to Belgian border

From here you ride through open countryside close to the Belgian border on country roads.

Cycling Path PC20

Here the Luxembourg part of the RV6 cycling track starts. It is a continuation of the cycling path from Bastogne on the former railway track. On the Luxembourg side you will ride through 3 tunnels.

Cycling Path Ravel L163

Here the Ravel L613 joins the Ravel L163.

Cycling Path Ravel L163 access Buret

Here you continue on the Ravel L163 cycling path.

Cycling Path Ravel L164

Here you enter the Ravel L164 or RV6 cycling path to Luxembourg.

Cycling Path Ravel L613

Here you enter the cycling path L613.

Ourthe valley

You cycle a short stretch through the Ourthe Orientale valley.


In the town of Wiltz is a national monument with a good view of the town and the hills.


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