1.272 m
838 m
26,21 km

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tæt på Sjangeli, Norbotten (Ruoŧŧa)

A trail run along the Kings trail in northern Sweden. Starting point of this 26 km trail is at the Alesjaure mountin cabins.

The first half takes you up to the Tjäktjapasset which is the highest point (1150 meters) on the Kings trail. In the pass there is a safety cabin and if not full it is a good place to have lunch.

During the second half you descend from the Tjäktja pass to the Tjäktjavagge with fantastic views of the valley with mountains on both sides. The Sälka mountin cabins are located on a small hill in the middle of the valley.

Prebook bed and stay at Sälka mountain cabin over the night. Continue the next day with the trail run "Kings trail Sälka mountain cabin to Kebnekaise mountain station".


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