21,52 km

Positiv højdeforskel

1.551 m



Negativ højdeforskel

1.551 m

Max Højde

2.511 m


38 4,7

Min Højde

828 m


  • Foto af Bar and water source
  • Foto af Turn right
  • Foto af Fixed rope

Tid i bevægelse

6 timer 40 minutter


12 timer 35 minutter




24. juni 2018


juni 2018
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2.511 m
828 m
21,52 km

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tæt på Rrogam, Kukës (Albania)

Maja Jezercë, the highest peak of Prokletije (the Accursed mountains), also known as the “Queen of the Alps”. With an elevation of 2694 m/alt. Amazing views during all the path! 

There are several ways of climbing this mountain. The most popular one is this one starting in Fusha e Gjesë (Valbonë) - Maja e Jezercë - Fusha e Gjesë (Valbonë).

The last water source is to the Cafe bar "Te Simoni".

NOTE: Definitely, this is not a hike for beginners!

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Bar and water source

  • Foto af Bar and water source

Turn right

  • Foto af Turn right

Fixed rope

  • Foto af Fixed rope

4 kommentarer

  • Dennis Z 8. aug. 2019

    Jeg har fulgt denne rute  Vis mere

    Great hike. We started from Rrogam to safe energy as we are amateurs (our first climbed mountain), but the way from Valbona to Rrogam is the easy part for sure. The GPS trail helped us finding the way quite often. Hard hike that takes a lot of time and energy, took us 13 hours and all stamina we had.
    Thanks for the trail, we probably wouldn't have been able to make it otherwise.

  • Foto af mansur

    mansur 26. mar. 2021

    una consulta el recorrido es muy tecnico?Hi, is the descent very technical? many steps exposed? My intention is to go down loaded with the big backpack, tent, clothes, ectct, ahh and do you have to use crampons? Since I will go at the beginning of June? regards

  • Foto af Granit Temaj

    Granit Temaj 27. mar. 2021

    @mansur, the descent is technical, and I would highly suggest having your campons, because, at the beginning of June, it may have snow.

  • Foto af mansur

    mansur 28. mar. 2021

    no need to hire a guide? I will go alone and I have experience in the mountains, thank you

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