19,73 km

Positiv højdeforskel

1.947 m



Negativ højdeforskel

1.978 m

Max Højde

2.570 m



Min Højde

1.022 m


  • Foto af Maja e Brijasit (Brises) 2561m
  • Foto af Maja e Brijasit (Brises) 2561m
  • Foto af Maja e Brijasit (Brises) 2561m
  • Foto af Maja e Brijasit (Brises) 2561m
  • Foto af Maja e Brijasit (Brises) 2561m
  • Foto af Maja e Brijasit (Brises) 2561m


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28. juni 2022


juni 2022

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2.570 m
1.022 m
19,73 km

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tæt på Rrogam, Kukës (Albania)

Maja Briaset 2,561 m is part of the Accursed Mountains range in the northern part of Albania. One of the surrounding valleys is Valbona Valley. We start the trail from Margjeka Guest House and after 300 m we enter in the forest and we did the first stop to the last water source 1.8 km from the start. From here we deviated in right and we find a path that led us up to the valley of the mountain. When is finished the terrain with grass will continued in more wild, rocky with snow and ice terrain to the neck of Mount Brijaset. To be safe is mandatary the use of ice axe and crampons in this section also in this season. When you approach the neck, you have to go down for 130 m in a gravel terrain full of small pebbles combine in some place with snow and ice that render this terrain very unstable and difficult to pass. After that in this kind of terrain we continued up until we catch the peak of the mountain. We descent from the other part but the slope was very big 60-70° in a mix terrain very unstable. You have to be very attention in order to prevent sliding . We went down until we enter in the forest. Here we deviated 80m in left to find the right path and this part was very annoying because the forest was very dense. Maybe was better to deviate in right to find the winter path. After you find the well marked trail is very easy to go down. The view from the top is very beautiful. The trail from the start to Rragam has a length of 14.5 km and 1820 m elevation gain.


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