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tæt på Edmundston, Nova Brunsvic (Canada)

Beautiful trails. Lots of picturesque sites. Left at 8h30 am from St-Jacques and saw at least 3 deers on our way there. This trail is worth it. plan on staying at the hotel auberge. you can leave your car and trailer there while doing the trails. Very nice inn, good food and nice people. we stayed at cottage C7.
Camp 17
Brook at camp 17
Nature trail
We are going down !!😎
Overlooking Degelis - Tin Horton here we come!
Pin forest
Wood pellet factory
Passing in the city
What a view!
Where to look? Everything is picturesque!!
Power lines
Rustic cottage in the wood
Entering NB
Field of daisies - thinking of you dear sister!
Power line trail...woo-hoo!
And we are back to the starting point


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