5,75 km

Positiv højdeforskel

534 m



Negativ højdeforskel

534 m

Max Højde

2.740 m



Min Højde

2.156 m


  • Foto af From Avshen village to Mount Hol (2714m)
  • Foto af From Avshen village to Mount Hol (2714m)
  • Foto af From Avshen village to Mount Hol (2714m)
  • Foto af From Avshen village to Mount Hol (2714m)
  • Foto af From Avshen village to Mount Hol (2714m)
  • Foto af From Avshen village to Mount Hol (2714m)


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2.740 m
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5,75 km

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tæt på Avshen, Aragatsotn (አርሜኒያ)

Description of the trail
Aragatsotn province offers us many ski trails. Especially Mount Tukhmanuk of Tsaghkunyats Mount from Melik village, Mount Hol from Charchakis village, Mount Kamar, etc. But this ski trail is Mount Hol that is marked from Avshen village. It is rarely beautiful, cozy place with a unique winter look and heavy snow.
After a few meters of skiing it will be reached down the Mount Hol and continue the way according to the marked trail. Mount Aragat, which is famous for its heavy snow and peak, will be a source of excitement. There, on the peak you can use the dose of your hot tea and organize the landing.

Monuments description
Avshen village is located in Aragatsotn province of RA, on the southern slopes of the Tsaghkunyats Mount. Distance from the center is 49 km north, and the height from sea level is 2150m.

On the way back we recommend you visit Armenian Alphabet Monument, Saghmosavank, Hovhannavank Monasteries, the other sights of Aragatsotn province.

The Armenian Alphabet Monument after M. Mashtots is located on the eastern slope of Mount Aragats, near Artashavan village in Aragatsotn province, on the left side of the Yerevan-Aparan highway. The Armenian alphabet was created by Mesrop Mashtots, a prominent linguist, religious and political leader between 405-406 and has been used for Armenian writing ever since. His goal was to make the Bible accessible for Armenians to spread Christianity. The monument was built in 2005 to commemorate the 1,600th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian alphabet. It features 39 beautifully ornamented letters of the alphabet and statues of key Armenian figures. Each letter is 1.5m-2m high.
According to tradition, anyone who visits this monument takes a photo with the first letter of their name. By the Monument, you can see the statues of the great minds of Armenia – Mesrop Mashtots (with the letters in his hands), Grigor Lusavorich (holding the cross beyond), Anania Shirakatsi (a symbol of the earth and the universe in his left hand), Mkhitar Gosh (with the book in his hands), Khachatur Abovyan (writer) and Hovhannes Tumanyan (writer).

Saghmosavank Monastery is located in Saghmosavan village of Aragatsotn marz. It is located in the edge of the deep Kasakh river canyon. Gigantic Mount Ara is on the back side of Saghmosavank. Mount Ararat is on the western side of the church. Mount Aragats, which is the highest mount in Armenia (4095m), is on the northern side of the church. The Saghmosavank manuscript repository was built in 1255 and there are khachkars (cross-stones) on the western facade of the monastery. The complex is comprised of the St. Sion and St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) churches, a book depository, and a narthex.

The St. Sion church is the main church of the complex. It is a cross-shaped, domed church that differs from other churches built in that epoch by the layout of the narthex. The eastern part of the church features an altar and niches inside the walls.

Hovhannavank Monastery is located in Ohanavan village of Aragatsotn marz. It is beautifully perched on a gorge, high above the right bank of the Kasagh river. The monastery overlooks Mount Ara and the Geghama Mountains in the south. Over different periods of time, the monastery used to maintain vast plowlands, gardens, pastures, mills, and villages. Hovhannavank was built in the 5th - 13th centuries. It also used to be a significant center for Armenian writing, with a rich library. Some of the manuscripts created there are still preserved to this day.

There are bears, wolves, and foxes in these places.

Safety and Security
From Avshen village to Mount Hol Ucom and Viva Cell-Mts mobile connections are always available․ In the case of accident 911 rescue services function operates in Armenia. Beware of dogs in the village.

Trail technical parameters
Best period: January - March
Distance: 73 km from Yerevan, by taxi
Duration: 1 hour 20 min
Ski trail length: 5.7 km
Skiing duration: 2 hours 25 min
Altitude from sea level: 2150-2714m
The best drink is hot tea

How to get to the trail
In order to reach the above mentioned ski trail it should be take a taxi from Yerevan to Avshen village of Argatsotn province, from where the ski trail starts. Please use the taxies, in which counters are installed. Taxis throughout Armenia are quite affordable.







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